Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I can't tell you how excited and nervous I was when the van pulled up Saturday morning to our house.  It was an appointment for the wallpaper install. 

never had anything wallpapered in my life so I was beyond excited  . . . and nervous.  After staring at the rolls of wallpaper, ordered months ago, phase one of my home office design was finally happening!

John Kelly was recommended to me by my local Benjamin Moore paint store.  They gave me two business cards and he was the one I picked.  We spoke on the phone a few times to talk about what I wanted. We then met in person for a free estimate and scheduled the appointment.  Mr. Kelly (although he prefers to be called by his first name), an Irish fella, is a very nice, personable, professional and courtesy man.  When we met three weeks ago, he advised me he was having some minor surgery and wouldn't be able to start right away.  I was fine with waiting because listen . . . I have waited months and could wait a little more.

Now, let's talk about the wallpaper!  Did you ever find something you LOVE but just to make sure, you look at other similar items?  Then you keep thinking about the first item.  It was just that with this wallpaper.  I fell in love with the color and design after seeing it on Houzz.  It wasn't the full design but still captured my interest.  Here's the image:

The wallpaper is by Mood Living.  The design is Astek MC10405.  So, I ordered a sample and when I saw it in person, I knew I had to have it.  I tried finding it at local stores but no one carried this brand.  So, I searched and searched online for the best deal.  Each roll is purchased as a double roll. The dimensions are 27inches x 324 inches and the repeat of the design is 36 inches.   My wall is roughly 9 feet x 9 feet and I had to figure out how many rolls I needed (with the help of my friend Brenda and my hubby because I'm horrible with math).  Prices online for this wallpaper were quoted at around $103.00+ for a double roll.  The best price I found was through Eades Discount Wallpaper.  Their price was $44.95 per single roll.  I purchased three double rolls, just to be safe.  Mr. Kelly said I wouldn't need that much.  But, better to be safe than sorry. And, a good thing I did because one of the rolls was damaged (colors were smudged).

Can I tell you how anxious I was . . . I didn't want to get in Mr. Kelly's way but I wanted to see the first piece being put up and hoped I still loved it (lol).  Mr. Kelly didn't mind me watching and wasn't bothered by the camera.  I didn't go into any explanation about posting this on my blog, etc.   He doesn't advertise . . . doesn't have to. He gets his business by word of mouth.  Crazy when you think about it (no advertising on the web) yet, a great accomplishment in this day and age.  Currently, he's booked through August. 

Now, take a look at the first piece being installed. . .

And the third . . . I didn't capture the second piece because it was a little embarrassing, even for me, to be behind him while he worked (lol).  At one point, I started ironing to keep myself occupied.

Mr. Kelly advised it takes three days to dry. He recommended we add some trim to the end of this wall.  It will protect the wallpaper, in case anyone rubs against it and it start to peel.  I like his recommendation and it will definitely define the space.

Finishing up . . .

Terminado ("Finished")!


Oh, how I love this wallpaper!  As soon as it was complete, it was a "Wow" factor.  Even Mr. D (the hubs) was impressed. 
Here's a close up of the design.  The gold damask shimmers ever so slightly and goes so beautifully with the creaming white and gray colors.
If you live in Northern, New Jersey, I highly recommend John Kelly.  He's very professional and courtesy and I just love his accent!

Phase two will be the install of the cabinets.  Ugh! I hope they don't rip the wallpaper.  I will be watching them like a hawk that day.
In the meantime, I'm searching for hardware (satin brass), a new light fixture and office chair.  It will be fun to accessorize the space once the main pieces are up.  Stay tuned!


  1. So pretty! Don't you just love wallpaper now?! I'm sure once you are all done - it's going to look FAB!

  2. Thanks. Yes, I'm ready to wallpaper another room (lol)!