Tuesday, June 24, 2014


So, with my home office project in the works, I have some decisions to make and, well . . . I'm still deciding.

Here's what I have so far . . .
Yep, that's all I have so far.  Now, I'm in panic mode.  My BIGGEST block is figuring out the hardware.  I do know I want satin brass or something similiar.  Should I go with pulls and knobs? Just pulls? How about some bin pulls? What style?  I've looked online at hundreds of hardware options and trying to narrow things down.  It's so hard to shop online because the color isn't picture perfect. I've ordered a few samples and still waiting (ugh).  Here are some hardware options I'm considering.

The HardwareHut Brushed Bronze collection is a favorite on my list

Century Hardware

Here are some cup pulls:

I have to make a decision ASAP.  I hope I make the right one.


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