Thursday, November 20, 2014


This year, I won't be hosting Thanksgiving at home.  Our plans are to go to spend Thanksgiving at my Titi Margie's home.  While there is a small sense of relief; not having to plan, prep and cook, I'm a little sad I won't be decorating our table. But I do welcome the much needed break and get to admire some fabulous and creative tabletop designs.  I found some inspiration pics and sharing same with you.  Let's take a look:

Love this nature inspired look (with touches of gold) from fellow blogger, Griffanie.  It reminds me of a similar look I created last year; seen here.  And, let's not forget about the gorgeous herringbone table!

You have to see the woodsy/rustic holiday tablescape created this year from Griffanie.  I am loving the marbled runner created!!

Apartment 34's Thanksgiving tabletop is more casual but not boring in the least!  The rich, deep colors displayed in this design are so beautiful. Lately I've been inspired by rich, deep colors and thinking of added same to my own creative looks.  This is one look to add to my idea folder.

Waiting on Martha created a Thanksgiving table for Ballard Designs . . . you go girl!  It is stunning.  I love the outside setting and the floral designs.  It's so festive for Thanksgiving. I only wish we had the luxury of eating outside for the holidays (lol).

What are some of your favorite looks?


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