Tuesday, November 4, 2014

HOME PROJECT FOR FALL: Revamp a Room with Paint and Finding the Right Color Gray

Now that the Fall season is here and colder weather days are ahead; spending time outdoors is no longer an option on the east coast.  So, what's a girl to do?  Create Fall/Winter projects indoors.  Mr. D. gave the go ahead to repaint our master bedroom (Yay)!  Paint is a great alternative to sprucing up a room; you don't have to spend a lot to transform a space.

While I like the color I currently have (Benjamin Moore, Indian River), it's not the right shade for the space.  I only say that because of the gray upholstered headboard we have.  While it's gray, it has a lot of purple in it.  I don't want to paint the room purple but I have been dying to repaint the master to incorporate a shade that compliments the headboard.

My go to paint brand is Benjamin Moore.  We have hit our local store to check out colors on more than one occasion.  I had a fabric sample of the headboard color but the lighting in the store is so different than at home.  And, can I tell you how many shades of gray there are!  Shades of gray with purple, blue, green, taupe . . .

So, in deciding our options, we found one with purple and brown tones: Benjamin Moore, Portland Gray.  We purchased a sample and tested it.  Oh, hell no, no, no . . . it came out so purple!  Not a dark purple, more of a lighter shade of purple.  It was so feminine; Mr. D. made it adamantly clear, he could not sleep in a room with that color (ha-ha).  I am now on my seventh sample and going nuts trying to find the right shade.

While searching online for inspiration, I came across an informative post from blogger, "10 Rooms Design".  Ann-Marie, gives us a lesson on the different shades of gray.  She goes into great detail (like color 101 for gray) and uses this method when explaining it to her clients.  You can read the post here

On Sunday night, we tested two of the seven colors:  Barren Plain and San Antonio Gray.   I'm leaning towards the Barren Plain; its the light shade I'm looking for with that tinge of purple hue.   I have one more tester to go: Ozark Shadows. 

My sister told me about a great tool Sherwin Williams has on their website.  It's called Chip It (let's chip  How it works is, you simply download a picture (in my case, the upholstered headboard) and it instantly turns your picture into a color palette.  Pretty cool, right?

I downloaded two pictures: a left and a right view.  And, it gave me two options; the lighting may have been different between the two.

Here's the first palette:

And, the second:

I've never tried Sherwin Williams paint before, but am tempted to purchase a sample.  Although, I'm starting to think this cost saving project, is getting costly with just paint samples!

As part of the master bedroom revamp, I'm also on the hunt for new bedding.  I've been wishing for a crisp white look with a colored border.  I'm loving the Amiele bedding from Ballard Designs and monogram is a must!

Love the Amelie bedding from Ballard Designs and monogram is on my list. 

There are a few more things I would love to change in the space:  reupholstering our bench and a new sitting chair; new artwork and accessories to complete the look.  I'm still playing around with ideas. 


If you follow me on Instagram, I posted the below pic. I added this marble board with gold bamboo handles to my night stand.  I purchased it from One Kings Lane.  It's described as a cheese board, but my creative juices started flowing for other uses.  And, I love the way it turned out.  If interested, you can still purchase it here.

I'm loving this monogram throw from Pottery Barn.

Stay tuned to see how this project turn out.  I'm curious myself (lol).


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