Friday, January 30, 2015


Happy Friday everyone!  I can't get over how quickly the weeks are flying by.  I'm definitely looking forward to warmer days ahead.  Just have to get through the next couple of months of cold temps and snow days.

On today's post, I'm sharing my love for floral arrangements.  Flowers are one thing that put me in a cheery mood.  I enjoy making flower arrangements and display them around our home.  It just adds that extra layer of oomph to your home decor.

Today, I'm sharing some lovely floral arrangements by former Ford Model, Anuschka Pashel of Bloom, in Denver, Colorado.  Bloom is currently a lifestyle boutique but started with flowers.  Now, Bloom caters to home decor, jewelry, gifts and, of course, flowers. Take a look at these lovely arrangements:

I gravitate towards a look like this . . . shorter cut blooms and lots of them, bunched together.
Those tulips have the most amazing design and color.

A modern floral arrangement.  

This arrangement is so lovely.  Would go perfect in our home (lol).

I absolutely love the textures of this all natural floral arrangement

Simplistic and beautiful

Pretty pinks and purples.

This arrangement is so fierce; with rich, deep colors in a beautiful vase.
The black backdrop is the perfect staging for this arrangement.

To see more from Bloom, visit the site here.


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