Monday, January 19, 2015

MONDAY'S WITH MONTY: Tips for Taking Care of Your Puppy


Today Monty is scheduled for another round of his parvo/distemper shot at the veternarian's office.  Taking care of your puppy is very important; especially the first year of his/her life.  With Monty, I have a file of his medical visits, a record of his vaccinations and reference material on caring for a cotton.

House Training

Since he hasn't had all of his shots, technically he's not allowed to go outside.  So, he goes on the wee wee pads.  But, we have taken him outside, in our backyard a few times to introduce him to the outdoors.  I feel bad that he has to wait until he has all his shots before going outside.  I don't want him to fall behind (lol).

Monty is very good about going on the wee wee pads.  Sometimes he misses and goes next to the pad but we tell him where he should go.  We reward him verbally (and sometimes with a treat) when he does it correctly.  Monty is also learning to hold his urine in longer.  For example, we keep a washable pad (kinda like a diaper for dogs) in his pen and he hasn't gone on it for a few weeks now.  When I come up from work, he goes on his wee wee pad, outside of his pen.  I keep a daily calendar of the times he's pooped through the day (usually twice, sometimes three times).

Daily Exercise

Since Monty is not outside on a regular basis, making sure he gets enough exercise on a daily basis is important.  That's where his basket of toys come in handy!  Monty likes to play tug of war, he likes to fetch his toys and he loves to run around.  Monty has learned to let go of his toys, when playing fetch.  We say, "let go" and he releases it from his mouth.  Being active avoids your puppy from getting bored, which often leads to destructive behavior.


Monty has a dog bed downstairs and his crate upstairs in our bedroom (with a bed mat inside)  We make sure he's comfortable and relaxed.  I make it a point to regularly wash his bedding.


Cotons require regular grooming because of their hair.  I brush and comb Monty every evening.  Every week, I notice more and more hair that has grown on his little body.  I don't want his coat to get matted.  Since he hasn't had all his vaccinations yet, a visit to the groomers is not an option.  I have learned to cut any hairs around his eyes, that are blocking him from seeing.  I also wipe his paws and mouth constantly.  I also clean his eyes daily and clean his ears.  For his nails, I let the vet handle it for me.  That's something I'm just not comfortable doing (yet).

Let's not forgot the biggest care for your puppy is LOVE.  It warms my heart that Monty is comfortable and happy in our home.  He's such a joy and so grateful to have him as part of our family.


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