Thursday, January 14, 2016

IN THE BEDROOM: Wallpaper Inspiration Designs

So happy the work week is winding down but much to do for the weekend.

I finally ordered the wallpaper for our bedroom.  Our painter is on standby and ready to start as soon as I get the delivery.  The wallpaper delivery can't come fast enough (lol)!

For our master bedroom revamp, one of the features I have planned, is to have the wall, behind our bed, wallpapered in the most beautiful pattern by Carl Robinson.  Here's a sneak peek at the pattern (from a sample, ordered):

I took this snapshot on a rainy day so natural lighting was not the best.
I tried to capture the beautiful metallic details of the feather design.
Here's a picture from the website.  As you can see, the color is different than the actual sample. To add to the beauty, Swarovski crystals are placed on the tips of some of the feathers.

Adding wallpaper to your bedroom can create the ultimate design transformation.  Though, picking the right one can be a challenge.  

Depending on your style and taste, there are hundreds of patterns to choose from.  Endless books to go through.  When I made my choice selection, I knew I wanted something subtle but impactful.  I didn't want anything too trendy or busy.  I also wanted something tranquil for the bedroom.  When I browsed through one of Carl Robinson's books, I came across the sample page of the feather and nearly fell off the chair!  It was exactly the look I wanted and I had to have it. Before jumping on this instinctively, I waited (about six months). I searched for other contenders but kept coming back to this one. 

I've rounded off some different wallpaper designs displayed in the boudoir.

Trellis is very popular now.  Image via A Thoughtful Place

How cute is this wallpaper with the little tree houses.
If you're afraid or undecided about a design pattern, the image above and below are a simple yet beautiful in grass cloth.  Image

Image via Home Bunch
Image via Decor Facil

Soft and subtle design, create a tranquil bedroom. Image via the Decorista

Very popular design right now.  Image via Decorpad

If you are thinking about wallpaper, the best advice I can offer is to not rush. Purchase samples and see how it looks in your room, with your decor. 

There are wallpaper companies that make removable wallpaper for those who can't commit to the other option. 

I would also recommend hiring a professional to install the wallpaper. He or she will go over the details of time, cost and how many rolls you will need. 

And, be sure to check back here, to see the finished look!  


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  1. Love the wallpaper design. It's so calming.