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In this final post of our Chicago trip, I wanted to share with you the rest of our tour along with a few restaurant picks.

Let the tour continue . . .

The Robie House (a Frank Lloyd Wright design).  This was located in Hyde Park, a suburb of Chicago.  The house was built for engineer, Frederick C. Robie.  Robie wanted a house free of enclosed spaces and a "prairie" style house.  Frank Lloyd Wright was the first to establish the difference between defined spaces and closes spaces; what we call open concept space.  Wright was ahead of his time.  He can clearly see that in his designs.  For example, the central air vacuum system; what we believe to be popular in some new homes; was already installed in The Robie House!  While visiting the Robie house, on the second floor, where the dining room and living room were located, you understood Wright's way of thinking as far as vast spaces.  We weren't allowed to take photographs while inside the home but I'll share pictures we took on the outside.

The Robie House is 6,000 sq. ft!

The front door was hidden away from view on purpose.

Next . . .
The Navy Pier


A ride on the Ferris wheel!

 Enjoying the views up high

NOW, let's get to Chicago eating!

I was very impressed with the restaurants we chose.  We researched top picks on websites before heading to Chicago.  Let's review.

David Burke's Primehouse

Primehouse is located at The James Hotel in downtown Chicago.  Very nice looking hotel and restaurant.  Mr. D (a.k.a husband) picked this restaurant partly because they had bacon on a stick as an appetizer.  I kid you not!  But in his defense, it was fancy bacon on a stick and he enjoyed every bite of it.  If you follow me on Instagram (joann3373) you might have seen the pics from our trip.  As my appetizer I ordered an arugula salad with pine nuts and truffle smoked tomatoes.  Underneath it all was a goat cheese fondue.  O-M-G!  I can't stop talking about this salad!! It was the most amazing and delicious salad I ever had.  I loved it so much I shouted it out on instagram and David Burke hit liked! That made my trip.  You rock David Burke!  Let's talk about the entrée.  We each had David Burke's salted brick beef; dry aged process.  Mr. D had the 55 day rib eye and I had the 35 day Kansas City Strip.  I was focused on my beef and enjoyed every mouthful (of what I could finish).  I thought my steak was the BEST until I tried the 55 day rib eye; even BETTER!! 

The staff was so efficient and attentive.  I absolutely loved Primehouse.  And, we were told the chef is from New Jersey (whoot whoot)!

As Phil Robertson would say . . . Happy, Happy, Happy



Left room for dessert, I forgot the name but the chocolate was from Peru (YUM)
RPM Italian

Okay, I picked this one.  Such a big fan of Bill and Giuliani Rancic.  I had to make sure I made reservations for this new restaurant.  And, I'm so glad I did.  First, the restaurant itself is insane (in a good way).  I love the whole décor.  They sat us right away.  The place was, of course, crowded but the staff were attentive.  The menu was explained to us like a traditional Italian menu.  I forgot to bring my other stomach!  Great crowd, great vibe, excellent food.  I'm surprised I didn't roll out of there.  The sauce and fresh ricotta was one of my favorite dishes.  Mr. D ordered a veal chop and I had fish.  I don't know how I made it to the entrée.  I was so stuffed. 

sautéed broccolini was delicious

Mama DiPandi's Bucatini

provolone stuffed peppers and prosciutto wrapped figs

Lou Malnati's Pizzeria

I couldn't leave Chicago without trying deep dish pizza.  Lou Malnati's was one of the top three best picks according to locals.  Of course, they don't take reservations.  As with all popular spots, you wait on the long line of people eager to eat.  The wait was about a half hour but you were able to place your pizza order ahead of time.  The result . . . good deep dish pizza but I'm a New Yorker and I can't say that it was pizza (haha).  Still a good meal.

A great little shop we passed on our walk was a donut shop called Firecakes.  What a sweet little shop and the donuts were yummy.

Dear Chicago,  we had an amazing time in your great city and fell in love with the sites, sounds and food.  We hope to see you again! J&J xo
And to my fellow bloggers and followers . . . I hope I've inspired you to take a trip to Chicago.  I know I inspired one person already . . . my boss! 

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