Monday, October 21, 2013


In yesterday's post, I shared with you pictures taken of our hotel from our trip to Chicago.  Today I'm going to share some sites we visited in Chicago.

We were very lucky, weather wise.  We've heard Chicago gets very cold, so timing our trip worked in our favor.  The weather was absolutely beautiful and picturesque.

We arrived on a Friday afternoon; checked in and took a walk to gather our surroundings.  We also grabbed a bite to eat.  We didn't have much time after that because it was time to get ready to hit the jazz club that evening.  After doing some research (before our trip), we decided (okay, I decided) to go to The Green Mill (or as Chicago's call it, "The Mill").  The band that was playing that evening was Mama Digdown 's Brass Band.  They are a young (in age) band and their music is described as a New Orleans brass band music.  We arrived right before they were starting and was took our seats by the bar (center stage view).  Within the hour, the crowd was so big and everyone was enjoying the sounds of this band.  The band members were interacting with the crowd and were down to earth group of guys.  It was so much fun.


During our stay in Chicago, we did a lot of walking!  I'm from New York, so I'm used to it.  We explored the streets, filled with street art and amazing architecture. 

One our stops, was in the financial district.  We visited the Rookery building, designed by famous architects, Burnham and Root.  The two story skylight lobby was redesigned by famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.  Truly magnificent.  Check out some pics we took.

Other sites consisted of Millennium Park, the Architectural Boat Tour, the Magnificent Mile, the Museum of Modern Art  and The Willis Tower (Chicago peeps still call it the Sears Tower), Here are some pics:

the top looks like the Statue of Liberty

Nicknamed:  The corn cobs.
Millennium Park






What an experience this was on The Ledge! 

 Check out Part 3 on Wednesday's blog to wrap up our Chicago trip.

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