Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Decorating for the Holidays

I don't know about you but I LOVE the holidays!  Recently, on the east coast, we've had warm weather (for this time of year).  But this week, the feeling of the cool Fall weather is upon us.  The leaves are falling and the leaves on trees are changing to beautiful Fall colors.

My husband and I recently took a trip to Chicago.  We walked on the strip of the Magnificent Mile and workers were busy replanting for Fall.  They had the most beautiful arrangements of mums, bales of hay, pumpkins and cornstalks.  I immediately whipped out my iphone and starting snapping pics.  I was eager to get back home and hit the farms to start decorating the front of our home.  Seeing their arrangements inspired me to create a look for our home.  Whether I'm looking on line, in magazines, in the stores or on the streets, I'm always inspired by what I see.  My head gets flooded with ideas on how to create my own look.  Call me crazy but I have been thinking about ideas for my tablescapes back in July!  I couldn't wait for the stores to start displaying Fall decorations.  Of course my husband was sighing about my eagerness (lol).  He made a comment, "Oh, no! . . . Here she goes again". 

I would have to thank my sister for giving me the inspiration to start decorating tables.  She would send me pictures of tablescapes she's done and I could never get enough of seeing her creations.  She recently launched her website .  She is an incredible designer in high quality greeting cards.  I'm so proud of her!  She's a great inspiration to me. 

I think the second year of my marriage and living in our new home, I started decorating our table for upcoming holiday dinners.  It started with Thanksgiving and then Christmas.  The following year it was Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This year I said, I've never decorated for Halloween.  In the past, nothing really inspired me to want to do a tablescape for Halloween.  I didn't want anything too scary, too childlike or too crafty.  I wanted a "glam Halloween" (haha).  My husband asked me, "who are we having over for Halloween?"  I replied "no one".  He said "Then why are you decorating the table?" I replied, "Because it makes me happy and I want to see what I came up with in my head out on display". 

I've always had a creative side.  Years ago I would create wreathes and jars.  That's when I first dabbled in crafts.  Then I dabbled in scapbooking. People ask me how I do it and where I get my decorations from?  They ask me how do I know what to do?  I say it again and again . . . I have to be inspired by something!  It just takes one item and then like a light bulb, the idea starts flowing.  And, I hit every store for inspiration or order online.  I don't like to copy cat what stores have displayed on their tables.  I think we all have it in us to create a design.  We all have different tastes and styles.  Try it and you'll be surprised at what you can come up with.

I'll post pictures soon of my Halloween tablescape.  In the meantime, I'll share some pics of our front porch area to inspire and motivate you to come up with your own creation.

Jo Ann


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