Friday, August 8, 2014


My weekend has begun!  So excited to be taking a min vaca to spend some sisterly and brotherly love with my siblings.  Heading South to find my spot in the sand; beach bumming it all the way this weekend!

Signing off for a few days for much needed relaxation. To end the work week, here are some of my snapshots on instagram (@joann3373).

From Monday's post, Inspiration Color of the Week:  Periwinkle

Loving Martha's book!

Words of wisdom from, none other than a fortune cookie (lol)!

My picks for home accessories from Waiting on Martha shop


Architecture from Grand Central Terminal
Took this snapshot as I was leaving the Grand Central Apple store in the early am. 
 It's amazing . . . if you just stop and watch what's going around you. 
Have a great weekend everyone!


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