Monday, December 1, 2014


Happy Monday!  Did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving?  It has been nice, enjoying the long break from work.  I'm officially back to work tomorrow.  But man o man, did we have a busy few days.  So busy, we need a couple of days just to recover (lol).  Yesterday my whole body was "off".  I couldn't shake the sleepy feeling all day. 

I'll be checking out Cyber Monday deals today and hope to score something, since I didn't have time to hit any stores for Black Friday.

Lately, I've been inspired by so many designs using black and white.  And, I don't mean stark and cold, black and white rooms.  I love the rooms with that extra layer of color to compliment the black and white.  These two color combos are such a classic look.  And, whether you style is traditional, transitional, contemporary or urban, you can create your own unique look with these colors.

Check out some of my favorite designs:


Via NYCLQ Rental Restyle

Via Desire to

Via The Mill Singapore

Jennifer Harrison via Flea MarketFAB

Via D├ę

Via 1 Kind Design

Via Rhiannon's Interiors

Via Homedit

Via Simple, Everyday Glamour

One room challenge via Design Daredevil
You have to check out the rest of this killer space.
Via Christine Dovey

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