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Meet British interior designer (and Entrepreneur, Author and Educator), Kelly Hoppen.  What an amazing, talented woman.  Can you believe she started her business at the age of sixteen and a half!  I came across her work from a new magazine (new to me), purchased called Rooms.  Have you seen this magazine?  It's filled with designer spaces, inspiring ideas for you and I.  I'm sure I've seen Kelly's name or pictures of her designs, but didn't really acknowledge it until now.  If you've never heard of the Rooms magazine, below is a snapshot of the magazine cover (purchased at Barnes and Noble).


When designing, Kelly creates a sense of feeling in the home; more so than just the look of the home.  Kelly writes in her book, "Our homes are our greatest asset, not just financially but also for our sense of well-being and happiness."  So true Kelly.  One room she created blew me away!  Take a look at the room below.

How genius are those dining room chairs!  Love the crisscross design; so feminine and sexy
The chairs make such a statement in this room. I spotted the same design chairs seen in her book (different space), "Kelly Hoppen - How To Achieve the Home of Your Dreams".  And, just as an fyi, I'm loving this book!  It's not just pretty pictures.  She offers great advice and teaches certain principles to follow when designing a space.  It's such an informative book.  I encourage you to add this to your coffee table book collection, bookshelf or bedside table.

Here are some of my other favorite room designs:

London: The Art Lover's Apartment

This staircase and lighting fixture are jaw dropping.  I love how the light fixture takes the same shape as the staircase; while floating in the air
After heading up that gorgeous staircase, relax in this neutral palette bedroom.
London: The Loft

Tall wooden beams in natural toned woods, accented with neutral and ebony furnishings.  How fun is that hanging canopy chair!

Manchester:  The Modern Mansion

Another beautifully designed staircase
You can really entertain for dinner in this room
I'm guessing this is the media room.  Can you imagine snuggling up in one of these?
Wait . . . is this a bathroom?  I'm speechless
London:  The Townhouse

Simple, elegant and comfortable bedroom design.  Love the prints on the wall

Clean, white room with pops of green

Outdoors anyone?  Need I say more

To learn more about Kelly Hoppen, head on over to her website to see more (here).  And, that's not all.  Kelly has not one, but eight design books!  She also has an online shop . . . could you die right now?  While browsing her online store and making a wish list, I came across her home accessories which she refers to as, "home jewelry".  I love this woman!

Here are a few of her items I'm admiring:

Kelly Hoppen travel candles in Light Collection
Silver Ombre Vase
Indulgence Stone Bed Linen
Trimmed Small Oval Vase
Pinched Vase
Velvet Cushions
Flat Top Glass Bowl

I heart you Kelly Hoppen.


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