Monday, July 21, 2014


How did it get to be Monday already?  The weekends always go by so quickly.  Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the pleasant weather. 

Onto another Monday series of "Inspiration Color of the Week".  I'm going to mix it up and not talk about classic colors (I pretty much covered all of them with the exception of one).  Today, I'm talking about the color mint.  This soft pastel tint of spring green brings to mind, images of spring, beautiful ocean beaches and plantings. 

I love this color because of its simplicity and innocence.  It goes well with colors like: beige, gold, yellow, silver, cream, white, pink, navy, black, brown and gray.

Take a look at some inspirational pictures I created, as well as images from designers.

Apothecary Guild Domed Candle - Mint Green via Carlyle Avenue
Flower arrangement via Real Simple
Botanical photograph from Dullbluelight via Etsy
Image via Dear Dresses

Kitchen design by Jessica Brende (

Mint colored cabinets (Sherwin Williams White Mint) Laundry Room
 (via Oakley Home Builders Inc.)

Mint and beige bedroom with silver accents (image via

image via the Enchanted House

And, let's not forget about some fashion looks inspired by mint.

Pretty Mint Top - LuLus
Bauble Box Bib necklace - Shamelessly Sparkly
Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody bag in Mint/Silver - Bloomingdales


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