Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Last year we purchased a console table for our patio outside.  I wanted something that could stay outdoors and that we could place extra items that took up room on the patio dining table.  So, I found a table from Grandin Road, called the Yorkshire Table.  It came in weathered black and an ivory color.  While I wasn't fond of the black (our outside dining table has a bronze finish), we purchased it anyway because it blended better than the cream and it was the right price point. 
Here's a picture from their website:

After the summer, we neglected to put a cover on it and then old man winter hit, like no other.  To sum it up, the table received an even more, weathered look (lol).  So much so, that by Spring, the carpenter bees were inspecting the table.

This DIY seemed like an easy fix (thanks to my hubby).  My projects turn into "his" projects.

I decided to help and stripped the wood.  It wasn't working so well for me.  Not sure if it was because the day I did it, was a hot day.  It dried the stripping liquid right away.  I'll also add, this was the day I locked myself out of the house. It was just me and the table waiting in the hot sun until help came. 
This baby needs to be sanded.  Ummm, hon . . . I need help.

Mr. D disassembled the table to get into the cracks and crevices when sanding; priming and painting.  
Table is primed and ready to be painted.
We chose Rust-oleum paint in a Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze (purchased at Home Depot)
Here's the finished products (two coats later):
Here's a close up shot; it's a deep bronze with pretty metallic speckles
So happy with the results and thankful to Mr. D for completing yet another home project.  We will definitely purchase a cover this fall to protect it.

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